As PNG’s largest beef producer, NBPOL is committed to supplying a safe and nutritious product to the growing PNG market through sustainable management practices and by prioritising the welfare of our people and cattle. Our Ramu Premium Beef is raised from 24,500 heads of cattle in the Markham grasslands. The herd includes 10,000 breeding females that annually produce over 6,000 calves.

We feed our Ramu Premium Beef cattle home-grown natural feed incorporating palm kernel expeller from our Ramu palm oil mills and molasses from our Ramu sugar factory. These are mixed with silage (‘pickled’ pasture grass) that contains naturally fermented silage, conservated Sorghum and Sugar Graze grass preserves. We annually plant and harvest forage fields to initiate silage feed stores that last several years and serve as reserve cattle food for extreme drought conditions. This way, Ramu Premium Beef continues to be proudly PNG made no matter what the conditions.

All beef is processed at our Gusap abattoir per food safety regulations. It is sold directly by the abattoir or through PNG supermarkets and restaurants. We average 2.33 million kilograms of beef for the national PNG market.

As NBPOL further adapts to our environment, we are exploring ways to improve the quality and fertility of our commercial herd. We aim to do so by annually artificially inseminating 700 females.