About US


In 2008, New Britain Palm Oil Limited (NBPOL) was amongst the first companies in the world to achieve RSPO certification for our palm oil production. By 2012, all six of our sites became 100% certified to RSPO.

In 2015, the NBPOL group became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sime Darby Plantation Berhad, the world’s largest certified-sustainable palm oil producer. Our upstream palm oil operations are fully integrated with a state-of-the-art refinery at Kimbe, West New Britain, managed by Sime Darby Plantation’s downstream entity – Sime Darby Oils. This ensures delivery of fully segregated, traceable and certified sustainable palm oil to customers worldwide.

In addition to palm oil for international markets, we produce world-class palm oil seeds at our Dami Research Centre – sold locally and globally. NBPOL is also Papua New Guinea's (PNG) most prominent commercial producer of high-quality beef and the exclusive commercial sugar producer for the Ramu Sugar brand.

long-standing presence

NBPOL was founded in the West New Britain Province of PNG in 1967, marking the beginning of the country’s palm oil industry. In 1993, we acquired operations in Numundo, adding beef and copra to our portfolio. In 2006, NBPOL expanded to the Solomon Islands after the acquisition of Solomon Islands Plantations Limited, which later became Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Limited (GPPOL). Two years later, the addition of Ramu Agri-Industries Limited introduced commercial sugar to the business, and added on to beef production dealings. In 2010, we expanded our palm oil operations to include the provinces of Oro, Milne Bay and New Ireland. Over the years NBPOL has grown from strength to strength to expand our business as well as the region’s palm oil industry.

a responsible operator

Home to an unparalleled biological diversity, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands are two of the most ethnically diverse countries on the planet. As trustworthy custodians of these unique ecosystems, we have always strived to be responsible operators. We are cognisant of social, economic and environmental concerns while balancing cultural sensitivities and the environment.

NBPOL also understands that local community participation in certified sustainable oil palm is a socio-economic necessity and can also accelerate economic development for the people of PNG and Solomon Islands. Our 100% RSPO certification status is inclusive of the smallholders that we purchase fresh fruit bunches from. We continue to maintain the highest standards for sustainable production.

Our history


Opening of the NBPOL Group Corporate office at Mosa, West New Britain Province


The first of our sites (GPPOL) certified under the Palm Oil Network Switzerland.


NBPOL and the NBPO Foundation donated K2.13 million to provincial health authorities in the form of cash, equipment and medical supplies to support the COVID pandemic response


Achieved #1 in ZSL SPOTT ranking


2018-19 Management of palm oil refineries transferred to Sime Darby Oils


Awarded Sustainable Pathfinder Award by Rainforest Alliance (RAN). The first time RAN has awarded such an accolade to a palm oil company.

Established a major conservation project at Higaturu for the Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing Butterfly; the World’s largest and one of the rarest butterflies. 

Acquisition of Markham Farming Company Limited (MFCL) in the Markham Valley, which included copra milling factories in Madang and Buka.


First SAN Standard certification achieved

Achieved #2 SPOTT ranking NBPOL

Management Training Academy established


Acquired by Sime Darby Plantation Sdn Bhd

Delisted from London Stock Exchange


Full RSPO-certified, including smallholders


Acquisition of MBE, HOP and POL (the Kula Group)


Listing on London Stock Exchange


Acquisition of RAI

1st company in the world to become RSPO certified


Acquistion of GPPOL


NBPOL Foundation established


Dami Oil Palm Research Station established


NBPOL established at WNB