January 27, 2022

Gender Smart Safety Tooklit/audits

We recognise that protecting our female employees and their families against domestic violence and harassment is critical. Domestic violence is one of the biggest issues facing women in PNG and we have identified this as a key area for taking action. All our sites have domestic violence policies and undertake extensive awareness activities to ensure that employees and dependents understand our zero tolerance policy and know how to report violations. We also reach out to the community to encourage them to work together to prevent and minimise violence in their villages.  

Established in December 2011 in West New Britain, the NBPOL Women Empowering Women initiative has been registered as a member of the Business Coalition for Women (BCFW). NBPOL is active on the Against Violence Working Group of the BCFW, which provides insight and recommendations to the BCFW relating to its programmes and activities within PNG. Two of the most successful initiatives developed by the Working Group have been the Gender Smart Safety Toolkit and the Gender Smart Audit, and NBPOL has been the first player from the agriculture sector to get involved. The Gender Smart Safety audit will be conducted annually in WNB and subsequently rolled out to other NBPOL sites. Through its community enhancement programmes, the NBPOL Women Empowering Women Association has raised funds for an ultrasound scanner that was donated to the maternity ward at Kimbe General Hospital in 2014. In 2015, the Projects Committee extended their programmes and renovated the ablution block of the maternity ward. Plans are in place to refurbish the Gigo Town Clinic and raise funds for a mammogram. The strength of the Association in WNB has led other sites, such as Milne Bay Estates, Poliamba and Ramu AgriIndustries, to form their own women’s groups.