January 27, 2022

Women Empowering Women at West New Britain

Established in 2011, Women Empowering Women (WEW) is an association in WNB formed by like minded women to encourage strong family settings to empower women and young girls and eliminate all forms of violence against women, children and men. The WEW team conducts long-term impact projects and programmes focused on community engagement through economic empowerment activities. Activities such as life skills training and workshops for cooking, floral arrangements, draping, and sewing are conducted annually. Interested women and men are provided with hands-on training, which gives them the ability to earn additional income and supplement their fortnightly pay. The association also works with the West New Britain Health Authority to extend healthcare initiatives amongst women. In 2018 they raised a total of PGK725,543 to purchase a mammogram machine for the Kimbe General Hospital. The association also frequently supports general maintenance and refurbishment costs at the Kimbe Urban Clinic. Together with an annual report, the association also produces a bi-monthly newsletter featuring the latest developments and progress within the WEW community.