September 16, 2022

NBPOL celebrates Independence Day

NBPOL operational sites in Papua New Guinea (PNG) joined the rest of the country in commemorating the 47th Independence Anniversary on September 16 2022. The individual sites organised their own programs which were fun-filled and entertaining, enjoyed by employees, their families and local communities.  

Among the highlights were speeches, parades and school marches, flag raising, traditional dances, singing, sporting games, departmental challenges, traditional music, selling of crafts, cultural activities and awarding of prices. The cultural aspects were diverse and colourful as the actors in traditional attires performed different acts representing their unique culture and heritage.  

West New Britain observed the Independence Day at the Sir Brown Bai Stadium at Mosa, which also attracted the participation of national leaders from West New Britain Province - Governor Hon Sasindran Muthuvel, Member of Parliament for Talasea District Hon Freddie Reu Kumai, and Member of Parliament for Nakanai District and Minister for Oil Palm Hon Francis Galia Maneke.   

Ramu Agri Industries celebrated at the Balus Estate Soccer Field which also saw a parade by the local Police. Milne Bay Estates (MBE) had a spectacular independence celebration over two days at Magisubu Oval, Giligili Estate. Similarly, Poliamba organised a variety of activities including sports for staff and families.   

Governor Muthuvel told the participants in WNB to have a reason to celebrate the independence. “Now is time to enforce accountability and transparency. The future is promising but needs collective efforts to achieve a society that will positively impact all our people,” he said.   

Hon Manake said the creation of a new Oil Palm Ministry in August following the formation of the current government after the 2022 National General Elections is a way forward in life for the palm oil growing provinces. He said the new Ministry will work closely with the industry for the benefit of the economy.   

MBE HR Manager Eric Mesak called on those present to be proud in celebrating the day; not just by enjoying the event’s celebrations but to really have a “reflection on how far we’ve come as a nation, how much we have achieved and where we can improve on”.   

Each year, the sites take time off to be part of the national event, and employees and their families always feel proud to be involved in different activities. Flag raising this year was kept half-mast in respect of the passing of Queen Elizabeth.